It is important to remember that the synthesis was initially started for the treatment of 10 children in 1980 and now there are only approx. 250 BH4 deficient patients being treated with BH4 world-wide


Patients suffering from mild PKU who are responsive to BH4 will probably require at least 10 mg/kg/day tetrahydrobiopterin. BH4 is not a registered drug. 

BH4 for the treatment of tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency is usually payed for by insurance companies as there is no alternative treatment for this life threathening disorder. 

Mild PKU patients can alternatively be treated with the PKU diet. Although the diet is also expensive because it has been around for longer, more insurance companies pay for it. It can be difficult to convince insurance companies to pay for BH4 for the treatment of PKU patients. Sometimes treatment is covered by research funds etc. These funds usually expire, after a certain time, leaving the parents and patients in a worrying situation.

It is critical that this financial side of the treatment is examined before starting patients on treatment. Otherwise the relief of the strain of the diet will be replaced with bigger financial strain.

We are doing our utmost to reduce our prices by improving the efficiency of the manufacture. But the paperwork required by regulatory authorities is complicated and time consuming and thus costly


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